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A Wedding or Holiday on the Horizon

Gold Program You go to the gym, fairly regularly, you participate in classes and often use the treadmill or other cardio equipment, you enjoy exercise but do it mostly because you know you need to. You have a specific goal on the horizon – maybe you want to get into a bikini or just feel great for an upcoming holiday, or perhaps you have set a objective to lose some weight. You want help to understand what you should to get closer to achieving that goal.     The programme that is right for you is: Burn Calories, Blast Fat: Be Strong in Just 6 Weeks
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Motivated, Ready to Learn More

Jump Start Program
You’re motivated to exercise – and you love the feeling you get when you finish a workout. You focus more on cardio at the moment because that is where your skills and confidence lies. You already know that weight training would be a good way to burn calories and burn fat and you love the idea of being stronger. You’d like to learn more about strength training so you can put together your own programme, but you are confused about reps and sets, how much, how often, and you are somewhat put off by the number of men in ‘that area’ of the gym.


The programme that is right for you is: Get Stronger: Learn How to Programme your own Strength Training in Just 6 Weeks

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Just Starting at the Gym

Platinum Program
You know you are unfit. You want to get fitter, and a plan is forming in your mind. You think you’d like to see a personal trainer at some point, but want to be a bit fitter to make sure you get the most out of the 1:1 sessions. You might have just joined a gym, and you just want to know, what is the next step? What is a simple routine I can follow at the gym that will target my problem areas?


The programme that is right for you is: Get Fitter and More Confident in the Gym in Just 6 Weeks

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Here’s What Our Clients Say About Us…

I have learnt so much and am very grateful as you have boosted my confidence particularly when faced with the weights area of the gym!

“I have always been interested in fitness and I play sport also but prior to starting the programme I had no idea how to use weights and my upper body was not strong.  I was a bit scared of the gym to be honest!  I wanted to build muscle and to lose a bit of body fat would make an added bonus!

I was nervous as I am quite competitive with myself so I did not want to be faced with anything I couldn’t do or struggled with.  As I am already quite fit I also wanted to ensure that each training session was going to be worth it – whether I learnt something new or achieved a target.

I have really enjoyed working with Lauren, although the early mornings were a killer at times, as soon as I arrived I felt motivated by Lauren to work harder/do more reps/lift more.  We also always have a laugh which is important – I wouldn’t ever want the sessions to feel like a chore or to turn fitness in to something I know longer enjoyed.  I have learnt so much and am very grateful as you have boosted my confidence particularly when faced with the weights area of the gym!

I couldn’t believe that I was able to double the amount of sit ups, crunches and push ups I could do in a minute within such a short time frame – while my body shape didn’t change much this wasn’t my aim so I was absolutely delighted with that result. Here’s to doubling it again!”

K. Hoggarth, 27

I find that I lift heavier than I have ever done!

“I just want thank you for the free session you gave me and all the feedback. I found it extremely helpful and I try very hard to use all the technics you showed me. I love the way you encourage us to challenge ourselves in your classes, that is so refreshing! Since being in your classes, I find that I lift heavier than I have ever done! Even my husband can’t believe it ha ha ha. I am so proud of myself”

M. Spencer, 30

Our Latest Resources To Help Your On Your Journey…

Metabolic Circuit – 8 Stages of Fat Blasting, Muscle Building Fun

A metabolic circuit uses all the major joint movements at high speed to create an ‘oxygen debt’ in your body that means you will burn fat for hours after a workout. You can simply think of it as interval training mixed with resistance training. This is an 8-stage metabolic complex that I am currently teaching on Sundays at Pure Gym Greenwich. The beauty of this routine is that it only uses one single piece of equipment – a barbell. Be sure and pick a weight you can lift over your head repeatedly – when in doubt go lower to make sure you get technique right.   Warm up If you are in the gym, warm up your whole body on the rower or elliptical. At home, a light jog, with some start jumps and specific stretching is fine. Try and warm up for at least 5 minutes, up to 15 if you have time. Aim for a minimum of 8 reps, and ideally 12 reps for each exercise. DO NOT REST between exercises. The idea is each moves naturally onto the next Circuit Straight-legged deadliest x12 Hang clean x12 Front squat x12 Military press x 12 Good morning x 12 Reverse lunge x 12 each leg Calf raise x 12 Mountain climbers x 24 each leg into your chest Once you have complete one round, you can rest for 90 seconds Complete this circuit 5 times ______________ Remember to ALWAYS PRACTICE CORRECT TECHNIQUE. If you don’t have your technique checked and are performing an exercise incorrectly. Do it slowly until you get the hang of it. ______________ Complete this survey and... read more

Body Weight Pyramid Workout

This workout is fantastic for when you have little time, or no equipment. If  you’re travelling, you can even use the small space you get on the hotel room floor. This is a pyramid workout, which means you work your way up and then back down the amount of time spent on each exercise – in our case we are going to work our way up to 12 and back down. Take only enough rest between pyramid steps to take a deep breath, and take a small rest in between each   Warm up by running on the spot for a minute, then lightly stretch arms and legs Push-ups, do 1, take a breath, do 2, do 3, then 4 …….. Up to 12, then do 11, do 10, 9 …. 1 Rest for 30 seconds Crunches, do 1, 2, 3 …..11, 12, 11, 10 …. 1 Rest for 30 seconds Squat Jumps, do 1, 2, 3 …. 11, 12, 11, 10 …. 1 Rest for 30 seconds Evil Frogs, do 1, 2, 3 …. 11, 12, 11, 10 …. 1 Rest for 30 seconds Plank for 60 seconds Rest for 60 seconds Repeat 2 or 3 times depending on how much time you have Cool down and... read more

High-Low Body Weight Interval Workout

This is a body weight workout that needs no equipment at all. It works with a high intensity interval followed by a low intensity interval. There are 8 exercises, you should set your interval timer for between 40 and 60 seconds per interval (beginners start at 40 and add five seconds each time you do the workout). Take a 90 second break between each set of 8 exercises. If you’re at the gym, warm up on a cross trainer or indoor rower for 5-7 minutes so you don’t start this workout cold. If your at home or in the park, run on the spot for a minute, freestyle some high knees and side lunges.   60 seconds each: Burpees Plank Squat Jumps Sit-Ups Alternating Lunges (fast) Superman (plank variation) Mountain Climbers Push-ups Rest for 90 seconds, then repeat 3... read more

Learn the simple secrets I teach in my 1:1 personal training programmes.

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