which programme is for you…..?

You just want to see if it could work for you:

You want to get fitter, and a plan is forming in your mind! Clean Week is designed to help you kick-start healthy habits that get real results and can lead to a lifestyle change that sticks! You get 4 workouts, a step-by-step meal planner, and a week’s supply of delicious Shakeology®. Start living the healthy new lifestyle you want in just 7 days—with Clean Week.

The programme that is right for you is: CLEAN WEEK

Lets Get Started!

You are ready to try a short health challenge:

The way 21 Day Fix works is simple—it’s a combination of easy portion control and 30-minute workouts. That’s it! What makes it different is that there’s no guesswork involved. Everything is laid out for you so you don’t to count calories or points. You can lose weight without ever feeling deprived or cutting out your favorite foods. There’s room for everything in this plan!

The programme that is right for you is: 21 DAY FIX

Get Stronger

You want to invest at least 3 months changing shape:

You’d like to lose a little bit of weight and tone up specific areas, especially to lift up your bum, get your thighs down, make the soft bit of tummy go away and stop your arms from wobbling. You are reasonably confident going to gym classes and following along and pretty comfortable using cardio equipment, but its not working and you want help to understand what you should do right.

The programme that is right for you is: TAILOR MADE

Get Toned

Can you relate…?

“I loved the six week programme.”

“I have always been interested in fitness and I play sport also but prior to starting the programme I had no idea how to use weights and my upper body was not strong.  I was a bit scared of the gym to be honest!  I wanted to build muscle and to lose a bit of body fat would make an added bonus! I was nervous as I am quite competitive with myself so I did not want to be faced with anything I couldn’t do or struggled with.  I have really enjoyed working with Lauren, although the early mornings were a killer at times, as soon as I arrived I felt motivated by Lauren to work harder/do more reps/lift more.  We also always have a laugh which is important – I wouldn’t ever want the sessions to feel like a chore or to turn fitness in to something I know longer enjoyed.

I couldn’t believe that I was able to double the amount of sit ups, crunches and push ups I could do in a minute within such a short time frame – while my body shape didn’t change much this wasn’t my aim so I was absolutely delighted with that result. Here’s to doubling it again!”

K. Hoggarth, 27

Are you like Sarah?

Sarah is 41, doesn’t have kids but gives LOADS of time to her nieces and nephews. She’s always the first to stay late at work. Give give give. Sarah was a little overweight and very inflexible. After 6 months with me she has a perfect squat because her hips and knees and ankles now allow her. She can deadlift correctly and pain in her shoulder has lessened. As an add bonus she’s lost 5% body fat, 8kg and over 15cm.

If you can relate to Sarah, call me on 07805332991 or email lauren@beactivebestrong.com

M. Spencer, 30

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