The squat is our KING of moves. Here are 20 reasons why you should learn to correctly execute this move:

  1. Toned legs and bum
  2. Improve body’s size and strength
  3. Improve the circulation of the body
  4. Increase core strength
  5. Improve overall flexibility
  6. Squats increase your testosterone levels
  7. They are great for burning fat
  8. Squats will strengthen your joints
  9. Regular squats reduce your chances of getting injured doing other exercises
  10. You will become a better athlete
  11. You will increase your vertical jump
  12. Your workout efficiency will be improved
  13. Squats will give you killer calves
  14. It’s a great exercise to do anytime anywhere
  15. If you are a runner you will increase your sprint times
  16. Squats are considered a compound exercise for overall well being
  17. Your overall athletic performance will be greatly improved
  18. Squats have many variations so you will never get bored
  19. Squats are free as you don’t need to buy any equipment to do them
  20. They are a functional exercise which make real life activities easier to do


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