I am not, generally, an app-happy individual and I don’t own an iPhone, but there are three apps that I found useful in my first year of getting to a fitness goal.

Run Keeper

This android or iphone app is now over five years old and has proven itself a popular health and fitness application with over 22 million users reached in 2013.

The basic premise of the app is to take advantage of smart phone GOS features. Start the app, track your time and distance and build up your stats to compare over time.

You can also use run keeper for other sports like cycling.

I like it because: I can record my runs in one place to easily view statistics

Downside is: although you can record runs post-fact – its really best used with the GPS which means you have to take your phone with you

My Fitness Pal

Another well known and popular tool – this app tracks calories and exercise to determine the optimal calorie and nutrient intake to suit your goals.

Many foods are already logged in making it fairly easy to input your data for each meal, each day. You can share your activities with friends that you link up with via Facebook.

I like it because: I can see how many more calories I ‘earn’ every time I exercise
Downside is: Even though many foods are already loaded its quite easy to


A little newer than the previous mentioned apps, Dietbet lets you bet on your ability to lose weight. You choose your wager amount and a group to compete in and your money goes into a pot. Whoever reaches the weight loss goal gets to split the pot

I like it because: I’m very competitive

Downside is: Competing and losing could be very demotivating


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