Breastfeeding on demand means looking for cues for you from your baby that they want to feed and offering them your breast milk when ever they give you these cues. Depending on how old your baby is, feeding times can vary from every one to 2 hours to every 3 to 4 hours.
This is a relentless schedule for anybody to deal with – how can you fit in exercise ? Well if you are feeding every couple of hours you will have an hour or so in between that is time for yourself. You need to remember to prioritise your time – you have other things to do like washing yourself, sleeping, feeding yourself, and you mustn’t forget these very very important things before you think about exercise.
Do remember though, that a small amount of exercise will help you feel happier and possibly help you fall sleep easier in those small moments when you can fall asleep. Find one of those spare moments and target just 20 minutes of exercise if you ever get more than this this is fantastic but start with 20 and see how this fits in with yours newborn schedule.
Don’t overcomplicate the exercise that you do do a couple of sets of squats lunges tricep dips into some other bodyweight exercises that you enjoy or no and do sets of 12
Another option is to go for a walk you may be able to even walk a bit longer because your newborn will be loud to sleep by the movements of the prem or your body movements if you’re wearing your baby in a sling this is also good bonding time for you and your baby
You will feel like putting pressure on yourself to lose the baby weight but you shouldn’t do this this particularly if you are breastfeeding and this will be a natural process you just need to eat well whilst breastfeeding try to avoid processed food and sugar and you will start to lose weight slowly and naturally with very little effort if you cannot plan to eat good food and reach for sugar and processed food you will not lose the baby weight, therefore in the early days if you at a time you should plan to use the time to eat healthy or prepare healthy food for later in the day in the week rather than obsessing about exercise.