Aloma was 35 when she did her first triathlon and practising the sport made her realise she could push limits in any part of her life.


How much sport were you doing before that/how would you describe yourself fitness-wise? Average fitness. Wasn’t doing a lot. Just a bit of cycling to work a couple of times a week and a bit of running – not that often as I hated it

How long did you allow for training before you competed?
For my first one I started about 6mths before. I though I was doing a lot of training – cycling to work twice a week, running maybe once a week and swimming once and sometimes twice a week. That is only enough if you just want to get through which for my first one is all I did. For ones after that I tried to keep fit through winter and then pick it up a bit more about 6mths before. And was training 5 times a week

What was the hardest thing about the training?
Finding time and places to do long rides.

Is there anything that would have made training easier/more enjoyable?
Probably joining a cycle club – Breeze rides would have been great back then

Did you complete the race first time?

Was there anything that you got wrong – equipment/training/other preparation?
I think you learn from every race that you do. My first race I didn’t do enough running prep so when it got to the day the run took forever.

Did you feel like giving up at any point? When/why What made you keep going?
Not really. I think once you get past the cycle you know that you can walk the run if you have to. I wasn’t worried about my time – luckily.
I try to just think of each leg as something separate. Concentrate on what I’m doing at the time and not think about what I have left to do.
Oh, I did once almost start crying at the start of a race thinking what the hell am I doing.

How did you feel at the end?
Always feel happy when I finish but after a little while you start to think about where you could have gone faster. I think the harder you train the more you expect out of your race so if something goes wrong on race day it is harder to deal with and excuses just aren’t good enough.

Did you want to do another one straight away/never……?
Always want to do another one.

Would you say it has enhanced other areas of your life -if so how?
Yep. This sort of training and competition makes you mentally stronger and brings awareness to the fact that you can push yourself in any area of you life.


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