Jackie is a lifelong adventurous sportswoman who recalls for us – her first triathlon at aged 23. ______________

What age were you when you did you first triathlon?
I was 23, I’d just joined the fire brigade and was talked into doing the National fire service triathlon in Chester I think it was 1990.

How much sport were you doing before that/how would you describe yourself fitness-wise? I would say I’ve always been into sport right from childhood. My parents made us kids join a swimming club and we swam 3 times a week from age 8 until 16. I was always into sport at school and was quite good at cross country. So I reckon I had a good start at being fit and healthy.

What was your approach to training and how long did you train for your first race? I relied totally on my general fitness for my first triathlon. I didn’t do any triathlon specific training for my first one. After that first one though it was a completely different story in regards to preparation.

Did you complete the race first time?
Yes I completed my first race, in fact I took the women title!

Was there anything that you got wrong – equipment/training/other preparation?
I think I got loads wrong but I still did well so can’t have been too bad eh?

Did you feel like giving up at any point? 
Giving up never crossed my mind.

What made you keep going?
Focus I guess made me keep going. It’s what you do isn’t it….keep going until the end.

How did you feel at the end? It felt great at the end.

Did you want to do another one straight away/never……?
I wanted to do another just better and faster!

Would you say it has enhanced other areas of your life – if so how?
I think doing that kind of sport makes you physically and mentally strong.

Are you still doing triathlons?
No I’m not doing triathlons but I do other sports. Climbing, mountaineering and surfing mostly!


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