Maggie was 58 when she did her first triathlon and regrets waiting nearly 10 years to get back into the sport.


How much sport were you doing before that/how would you describe yourself fitness-wise?
Not that much in the previous years – it was very much part of a strategy to get fit.

How long did you allow for training before you competed?  3 months

How did you approach your training? I got linked up with a couple of friends, but in the end did most of my training I my own.

What was the hardest thing about the training?  Running and worrying about damaging my knees or joints

Is there anything that would have made training easier/more enjoyable?   Not sure

Did you complete the race first time?  Yes

Was there anything that you got wrong – equipment/training/other preparation?  I allowed myself to be frightened by talk of very steep hills near end of run.  Also I am still very slow in transition.

Did you feel like giving up at any point? When/why   At steep hills

What made you keep going?  Just wanted to finish

How did you feel at the end? Brilliant

Did you want to do another one straight away/never……?  Yes

Would you say it has enhanced other areas of your life – if so how?  Yes, I feel more positive

Just out of interest – are you still doing them?  Yes


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