Have you ridden much in large groups? If like me, you are not part of a club you may not often get the opportunity. Today I rode with 35 riders around the Epping Forest / Essex area (well worth a visit if you haven’t been to this part of the UK yet – especially if you are ‘local’ in East London.

There is a lot to be said for riding in large groups. The social aspect, meeting a lot of new people is always fun; for motivation, there is a power in someone you don’t know very well helping spur you on past the hardest mile; technically, learning to ride in a group is not only good practice for racing situations but ‘drafting’ is allowable and travelling close to a group can actually pull you up a hill! I was grateful for that today :).

I also learned a lot about eating and drinking for long rides; nearly the hard way. Separate post coming soon!

I travelled 20km from Mile End in London to meet the group at High Beech Tea Hut, in Epping Forest; we then rode 60km to eat lunch at <a title="The Blue Egg Farm Cafe" href="http://www.theblueegg.co viagra bestellen in der schweiz.uk/” target=”_blank”>The Blue Egg in Braintree. Because (as sometimes happens with big groups) we were running a bit overtime we completed a figure 8 with 50km back to Epping underground.

It was another perfect day for cycling. You are welcome to download the GPS file here. Starting London Mile End and finishing at Epping Underground this will be a great 135km route for anyone training for a big event.

I was lucky enough to join this fantastic ride because of women I have met through Breeze. If you are thinking about doing longer rides why not check for Breeze rides in your local area?  Or if you’d like to come with me sometime, contact me via the form below or details o the contact page.

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