Wow! An open swim, a bike ride and a run – in one race! Too high a mountain to climb? Not so – we asked 5 women about their first triathlon and found some truly encouraging results.

All finished their first triathlon – one even won the women’s’ title! Ranging in age from 20 to 58 when they first competed all our respondents found it really rewarding and said that apart from improving their fitness it enhanced other areas of their lives.

In one case it was transformative. L. went from extreme partying to extreme fitness via triathlons – started really “caring for herself” and winning prizes instead of nursing prize-winning hangovers. They reported feeling stronger – not just physically but mentally, and more positive – it revealed to them what they could achieve with effort and perseverance. “It’s what you do isn’t it – keep going until the end?,” “Giving up never crossed my mind” One participant did have a wobble faced with a steep hill – but carried on.

Training and participating with others is another spur to crossing the finish line. But then something interesting happens after the first triathlon. Just completing a race suddenly isn’t enough. Our women reported feeling “Great”, “Elated”, “Brilliant” “So happy” at the end but not long after running across the finishing line thoughts went to shaving time off the swim/ride/run or doing something different at the transitions to save precious seconds. Mental notes were made about gaps in training and what can be done to get better results in the next one!

So – not as crazy as it sounds. Have a go. Give yourself enough time to train – our interviewees took between 3 and 7 months to get into shape for a race – but get some advice! Check out British Triathlon, Triathlon England and UK Triathon for some great beginners advice, training help and information about upcoming races. Or ask here! We’d be happy to help you get started.


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Find out about the Active Women’s Fitness: First Triathlon Package


Find out about the Active Women’s Fitness: First Triathlon Package


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