Have you seen this campaign produced by Sport England to encourage women to get into sport? In five days, the #thisgirlcan launch video had over 2 million views, and its still gaining traction. Its message is simple and brilliantly put – getting active is for everyone! Regardless of age, shape or whether you think you have the right outfit!

It’s not just sport either – it’s about activity. Activity is what our bodies were designed for viagra apotheke holland. In evolutionary terms it wasn’t that long ago we would spend most of our day hunting for food – running, walking, climbing and carrying. Our bodies NEED to move. A recent study of 334,000 people carried out researchers at Cambridge University found that even a modest amount of activity prolonged life – and the least fit had the most to gain. And by modest – they really do mean modest. A brisk daily 20 minute walk will start the fitness process.

Regular exercise will strengthen your heart, burn calories, lower your blood pressure and improve cholesterol. Not to mention just feeling better, having more energy and if it’s a sport you choose – or even the gym – a new interest, new friends and new goals! The message is start NOW – get out there – get together – and get fit!

Watch the video:


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