You don’t have to re-invent the wheel. Many have boldly gone before you on the Triathlon adventure and importantly, many more like you are picking it up! Here are some tips garnered from the experts and experienced – If you think we’ve left out something crucial – drop us a line!

Choose your race

  • Start with a sprint distance (unless you are already a half marathon runner, strong swimmer or a keen cyclist you will have too much going on in the first race)
  • Why not pick one in a beautiful location? Have a look at the Castle Series Triathlons. Or have you considered a bit of Triathlon Tourism – combining a race with a holiday overseas?

Give yourself enough time to train

  • Depending on your fitness – give yourself at least 10 weeks to get into shape.
  • Structure your training so you can sustain it. Don’t overdo it! There are plenty of training regimes online to help you – or get a personalised training plan.
  • Get plenty of rest. Burnout and fatigue can cause injuries and frustration. Don’t be on the starting line fatigued, aching and nursing an injury! You’re supposed to be enjoying yourself.

Get the right gear 

  • It’s your first triathlon – just get the essentials. There is an endless amount of cool kit out there – but most of it is optional or can make a difference to your times when you become more experienced (and obsessed). You don’t need it all at once!

Eight Gear Essentials

  1. Swimming hat and goggles – make sure you train with them to get used to them. You’ll be given a swim cap for your race
  2. A wetsuit. Open water is going to be COLD. Get the RIGHT wetsuit – not a diving or surfing one – they are much thicker and looser fitting – Tri wetsuits are light, skin tight and allow greater flexibility. You can hire them. Prices start from £35 for a week, to a season’s hire.
  3. Cycling shorts for training – be kind to your behind
  4. A regulation cycling helmet – these are mandatory for the race.
  5. A bike. Yes – don’t forget the bike. You don’t need to invest in anything fancy at this point.  If you have, or can borrow a road bike – great. If not don’t worry a hybrid will do or any reliable bike with gears.
  6. Water bottle and cage for keeping it on the bike. 
  7. Some good running shoes.  You can wear these for the bike ride also – if your pedals don’t need cleats. If you want to save time in transition find some you can wear without socks, or that slip on/off. Be comfortable and really look after your feet. This is one area where it is advisable to spend what you have to to get the right thing for you. If you are new to running get some expert advice. Look after your feet – they are amazing things.
  8. A cap that stays on – this will keep your hair, sweat and sun, or rain out of your eyes. Get one with mesh so you can keep cool.


  • What’s the best way for you to get out of a wetsuit? Find out.
  • Practise the transitions – ideally with someone who’s done a triathlon. The transitions can be quite manic, crowded and confusing – the more you know the less you will panic, and the less time you will need.
  • Try and do at least one open water swim.
  • Get a training buddy. It will help keep you motivated and you can share ideas.
  • Talk to experienced Triathletes, or read our first timer interview series.
  • Eat food you know is good for you, nourish and treat your body well from the inside.

Before the race

  • You need to manage your nerves viagra kaufen in berlin. Organise. Write a check list of everything you need and get it all together the night before.
  • Get an early night
  • Get to the race site early. You can avoid the scrum of excited athletes at registration and stay as relaxed as you can. Give yourself enough time. If you can register the day before – do!
  • Go to the toilet!
  • Stretch, stretch some more.

Relax. Smile. Enjoy your first Triathlon.


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