I recommend a ‘neutral’ trainer rather than letting someone assess your under or over pronation

This is because I believe if you get a thick bouncy sole – jumping up and down in them causes vibration of impact through your joints – so if you go to sports direct or something like that they should have a section for neutral running – and then try on a few to see what feels comfortable and what you like

My first pair of neutral running shoes were with Under armour. Annoyingly the last few pairs I have bought from sports direct have all been Nike (I used to really dislike the brand) – but I can’t fault them and haven’t had any impact injuries.

The other thing to consider is size – if you try something on in store and they feel just a little tight – ask to try a half size up as especially in summer your feet will swell a little!

So in summary ask for a neutral trainer and try a few on – it doesn’t matter which brand if they feel good when you walk about and of course – you like the colour!