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Breeze, bike riding for women


Breeze is by British Cycling, a programme that aims to get more women comfortable and riding bikes.


Breeze say: “Cycling is growing in popularity in the UK, but the numbers of women riding bikes is actually shrinking. At the moment three times more men than women ride bikes, and we think that should change.


Breeze is the single biggest programme ever to get more women into riding bikes for fun. Our aim is to help thousands of women feel confident and comfortable about going on a ride.”


The programme trains up ‘Breeze Champions’ who then volunteer to organize fun, and social rides in their area. A typical ride will last about 1-2 hours in total. You will meet at a pre-designated spot and then start your cycle – normally stopping for a cuppa somewhere before cycling back.


Simply visit the Breeze cycling website and browses for rides in the area. Note the length, time and grading of the ride – Breeze is not just good for new people on a bike, it’s a great way to step up your distances or speed if you have been cycling for a while and want to be a bit more challenged – and join up on the site.


I regularly lead, or assist rides in Tower Hamlets and Redbridge – leave me a message in the comments box below if you are interested in joining.


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