This 30 minute body weight workout can be adapted to the amount of time you have and can be performed in a small space. Great for busy nights at the gym or when you want a quick out of bed workout to wake you up ready for the day.

Set your interval timer to 60 seconds high, 10 seconds low. We’ll use the 10 seconds low for a rest between each exercise. Set the number intervals as ‘6’ and number of cycles to ‘4’ (we’ll do 12 exercises, twice). Add a rest time of 90 seconds.

Warm up with a ‘jog on the spot’ pyramid, run on there spot for 10 seconds, stop for 10, then 20 seconds, stop for 20, the run for 30 seconds, stop for 30. Repeat backwards – run for 30 seconds, rest 20, run 20, rest 20, run 10, and rest. Stretch out muscles all over your body – we’ll be using all of them! Hold each stretch for at least 8 seconds.

Round 1

  • Burpees
  • Side Crunches
  • Squat Jumps
  • Side Crunches
  • Dynamic Lunges
  • Plank

Rest for 90 seconds

Round 2

  • Pushups
  • Lower-leg Extensions
  • Plie Tip-Toe Squats
  • Side -thru Plank
  • Lateral Hop
  • Side-Thru Plank

Rest for 90 seconds

Repeat once more

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