This workout requires a matt for the floor work and a barbell with an adjustable weight (or two barbells, one each for the upper and lower body workout) and a step or bench to lie on. It’s an interval circuit. So set your timer for 9 x 60 second rounds.

If you’re in the gym, warm up for ten minutes on the rower or cross trainer (these machines are the only ones that warm up the whole body).

Load up the bar for your Squats first

LOWER: 60 seconds barbell squats

UPPER: 60 seconds barbell bicep curls

CORE: Burpees

LOWER: 60 seconds barbell dead lift

UPPER: 60 seconds upright row

CORE: 60 seconds full sit ups

LOWER: 60 seconds alternating lunges with barbell

UPPER: 60 seconds chest press

CORE: 60 seconds plank

Take a 90 second break and repeat two more times

Don’t forget to cool down and stretch



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