If you’ve avoided lifting weights because you think you’ll get bulky, think again. Men get big from weights because their hormone and body make up, makes that happen. Women are different. If you build more muscle you simply get toned burn more fat. If that doesn’t convince you, here are some pretty good reasons to get fit and STRONG.

If you are strong, you can: 

Lift….. put your OWN bag in the overhead locker on the ‘plane – with twice as much stuff zipped into it as before. Offer to help the man next to you with his.

Carry…..Carry your shopping home from the supermarket (instead of getting a cab) without having to stop every 50 yards for a rest.

Be Stable…..know that it IS worth running for that bus, and that you will most likely catch it. And when you stop running – all of you stops moving at the same time.

Stand Tall…..Improve your posture and co-ordination with work on your core muscles – this will mean less trips and accidents and will give you more confidence – and, yes, self-esteem.

Be Independent…..Overcome the curse of IKEA – flat-packed furniture – no longer a problem! You can pick up and move even the heavy bits.

With strength and stamina you will have more energy for all the fun things in life (including those unexpected end-of-the-evening arm-wrestling contests) and make the less fun things easier to deal with.

You can be more independent. You will be more secure. You can be STRONG. Start lifting weights now.


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