Deciding to get a personal trainer is not a light decision, but it is an investment in your fitness. Here are some of the benefits to consider.

Help you set goals – and achieve them
You might have a big goal in mind – to lose weight, or to cycle a 100mile charity race or run your first half marathon. A personal trainer will help you break that down into smaller SMART (simple, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound) goals. They will help you design a programme to achieve each mini goal, track your progress and adjust as you go along.

Tailor a programme – not only to ability, but also to constraints like time
The key word here really is ‘personal’. You can find many ideas for training plans from the web, from magazines and from friends; but none of these take into account all the very unique elements of your personal situation. If you have experienced an injury for example, a personal trainer can help you stay fit by advising on alternative exercises. Personal training should fit around your lifestyle, if you only have 45 minutes, a trainer can design an intensity that will help achieve your goals using less time. If you’ve become a new mum recently, a trainer should fit around these demands.

Push you harder – help you do that little bit extra
Have you ever set out to run a certain distance or time – but cut it a bit short with an excuse? Do you record your weights on the resistance machine so you can add more over time? A personal trainer will help you record your progress so that you can push yourself past those self-imposed limits. Going that little bit harder each time feels great and is very rewarding.

Set you in the right direction – teach you to exercise on your own
Personal trainers are not just for celebrities, but unlike celebrity budgets, its unlikely you will want to pay for a trainer five days a week. You might have a goal to create your own workouts, having a trainer for a few sessions with that goal in mind can help you learn the right way to exercise and how to get the most out of a programme.

Keep you interested – variety is a key ingredient to success
Maybe you are a seasoned gym-goer but seeking variety. Having a personal trainer – even if only you only meet every few weeks – can bring new ideas and fresh perspective to achieving your workout goals. Learning something new is always fun and a fresh perspective could challenge your body and mind.

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