This is a body weight workout that needs no equipment at all. It works with a high intensity interval followed by a low intensity interval.

There are 8 exercises, you should set your interval timer for between 40 and 60 seconds per interval (beginners start at 40 and add five seconds each time you do the workout). Take a 90 second break between each set of 8 exercises.

If you’re at the gym, warm up on a cross trainer or indoor rower for 5-7 minutes so you don’t start this workout cold. If your at home or in the park, run on the spot for a minute, freestyle some high knees and side lunges.


60 seconds each:



Squat Jumps


Alternating Lunges (fast)

Superman (plank variation)

Mountain Climbers


Rest for 90 seconds, then repeat 3 times

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