Interval training can help you burn more fat

Interval training can help you run faster

Interval training can be done with a short amount of time

I am not going to spout out the proof for each of those statements above right here, I am going to take it that you believe me and just need some inspiration to start your own interval training. So here’s two more statements I love:

Interval training can be done in small spaces (small parks)

Interval training is fun

I learned this simple pyramid interval technique from a personal trainer – you can adapt it to your needs over time, but here is my version:

Think about your running speed as five gears. Your regular, ‘going for a jog or run’ running pace is third gear, fourth gear is a little bit faster, and fifth gear is as fast as you can go. Conversely, second gear is slower than your regular running pace (enough to recover) and first gear is basically walking. It takes time to get used to these gears but think about it next time you are running and start to practice.

This pyramid structure allows you to start with short bursts of speed, and then you’ll peak at the longest surge of energy in the middle of your workout before coming back down.


  1. 10-15 minutes warm-up – jog around in second to third gear
  2. 2 minutes stop and stretch
  3. run in fourth gear 10 seconds, jog back second gear 20 seconds
  4. run in fourth gear 20 seconds, jog back second gear 40 seconds
  5. run in fourth gear 30 seconds, jog back second gear 60 seconds
  6. run in fourth gear 40 seconds, jog back second gear 80 seconds
  7. 3 – 5 minutes cool down – stretch everything out


There you go – you could be over and done with in 20 minutes!

Notice the pattern and adapt it to what you need. Quite often I will run in fifth gear, rather than fourth – knowing full well I have twice as much time afterwards to recover in second gear. You can also keep going up – when I train with my friend, I generally go up to 60 seconds speed with 120 seconds recovery and if I have time when training by myself I will go all the way up to 90 seconds.

What do you think? Please take the time to share your version of interval training in the comments box below.

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