If you are a big confused about what is what in the gym when it comes to weights – don’t fret, many are. Here is a little intro:

A kettlebell is a large ball usually made from cast iron which has a handle on the top. This design makes it different to training with a dumbbell as the kettlebell weight isn’t distributed evenly so you need to counter balance and stabilise during your kettlebell workout.

Dumbbells are hand held pieces of exercise equipment which come in various shapes and weight but the basic design is the same. It’s a short bar of around 14-18” in length, with a weight on each end of equal weight and size. These are hugely popular items of home exercise equipment as they are hugely versatile and can be used in many different exercises to target all muscle groups.

A barbell is the long, metal pole to which weights in the form of discs are attached at either end. You will see barbells in use during weightlifting and bench presses.

You can perform variations of most exercises with all of them so give them a try and you will never be stuck at the gym waiting for equipment.

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