This exercise needs a kettlebell and a barbell and a friend! It’s designed so that there are five exercises each, then you rest and swap. A fun way to suffer with a mate 🙂

Set your interval timer to 5 sets, low interval at 10 seconds, high at 1:20. Set 6 cycles with a rest time of 1:30. You’ll do each exercise 3 times.

If you’re at the gym, warm up on the cross trainer for five minutes. If you’re at home, run on the spot, jump up and down, do a couple of gentle squats and push-ups, just make sure you’re warm before you start.


  • Dead lift
  • Squat
  • Upright Row
  • Clean and Press
  • Plank (no bar)


  • Two handed kettlebell swing
  • Burpees (no bell)
  • Kettlebell Side Rower
  • Hip Pump Crunches
  • Side Curtsy Lunges


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