There is some debate over whether performing a single set (one exercise) to failure vs performing multiple sets would make you stronger  faster, however we believe it is likely that performing more than one set will help with maximum strength gains, and also make you feel good because you know how to coordinate more than one move in a gym. We therefore teach a variety of

  • What is a super set?

A super set is the name given to the process of performing a set of exercises directly after a set of a different kind without taking a break in between them. Once you have completed a super set rest for around 1 ½ minutes to recover before continuing your work out.

  • What is a tri-set?

A tri-set is a large set of exercises containing 3 sub sets of exercises which are all targeting the same muscle group.

  • What is a giant set?

Giant sets consists of 4 sets, usually of around 10 reps, of 4 different exercises which are all targeting the same group of muscles.

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