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If you are just browsing for fitness but want to be sent fitness cheats, instructions, and tips for living the good life – and getting the most out of it by treating your body a little better through good diet and exercise habits, please give me permission to email here. Emails from me will be like a little taster of what its like to work with me one on one – online or in person.

These are all the other ways we can stay in contact:

Free one to one coaching in my Fitter Lifestyles Facebook group.

For fun, fitness inspiration you can follow me on Instagram.

More inspiration and Flash price deals will be on my Facebook page.

Current Online Coaching clients will be sent a link to my private Facebook coaching group.

Don’t forget, sign up here or I won’t be able to email you fitness cheats, instructions, and tips for living the good life.

My mobile number is 07805332992 if you have any questions or prefer to text.

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Tel: 07805 332 991

Visit me at:
Fitstudioz East Greenwich,
Trafalgar Rd,
Greenwich, London SE10

Or at my home studio:
East Greenwich