Upping your intake of ‘green things’ could be the key to increasing your health. In fact, if you were to make one change to your diet, and weren’t ready to give up sugar – try adding just one cup of green vegetables to whatever you eat now. You name it – Leafy Green Veg is the answer – or part of the answer. They are widely available, easy to cook (or great to eat raw in many cases) and they are cheap!

Its like this…. do you have a friend that makes everything make sense? Someone who simplifies a complex situation with down to earth language and a short sentence containing everything you need to know – and somehow reminds you that you knew it already? Well – in the food realm, that friend is the Leafy Green Vegetable. The humble savant. A culinary Baldrick – with a not-so-cunning plan to make us all better. Actually I guess Baldrick would say turnips are the answer to the world’s problems but it’s the turnip greens that have the magic. Don’t throw them away – cook them!

Just so we know what we’re talking about these are the most common LGV’s and should make frequent appearances on your shopping list:

Broccoli, Spinach, Kale, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Brussels sprouts, spring greens, romaine lettuce. Try also Collard greens, swiss chard, mustard greens and watercress; and there are many, many more.

Kale tops many “best of” lists for health and nutrition being a source of vitamins A, C and K and contains calcium which is key for vegans or those of us lactose-intolerant. It also supplies folate and potassium and is often a good source of fibre.

Remember to wash all your vegetables before you eat them. Eat as much raw as possible or lightly steam (don’t overcook) in order to preserve all their potency. You may want to add a little (healthy) oil to them which can enhance the body’s ability to absorb the vitamins and minerals.  Or put them in your morning smoothie!!

Here are some ideas to add leafy greens to each meal of the day:

Breakfast: Try sautéing some spinach or kale with an egg for breakfast; start the day with a super green nutriblast containing a kale or spinach base

Snacks: Make mini egg and kale muffins for on the run snacks; make some hummus and dip in raw broccoli.

Lunch: Make a green salad exciting by adding 5 or more leafy greens. Don’t forget to massage your Kale in a little olive or coconut oil

Dinner: Lightly steam broccoli or brussel sprouts and serve as a side with whatever you were cooking. Lightly sauté Kale in coconut oil

Please do share your ideas and recipes below.


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