Party season! A fun time and also a nightmare – no? A client recently asked me how they could mind their calorie intake over the next few weeks as they were lucky enough to have one or two parties every week! Here is my advice:
The key will be your planning. Are these parties going to revolve around food? If there is a sit down menu option, this is difficult to avoid, plus food is a lovely thing to share with friends this time of year. If its going to be party / stand up /finger food, its much easier to avoid – eat something healthy beforehand and ignore the fried and fatty food as it goes past. Overall, going to a party should not be an excuse for eating more than a normal daily amount of food. And for alcohol? Over indulging in both food and alcohol is a double whammy. Try to have a drink of water in between each drink. Ask waiters to put sparking water in wine or champagne glasses and drink lots of it – the bubbles will help you feel full.
Here are some tips for different types of parties:


Sit-Down / Dinner Parties
– Check the menu beforehand and decide what is healthy to order so as not to get carried away by others orders
– If you’re party involves a meal, don’t eat before, effectively doubling up on lunch or dinner
– Opt for just two courses – starter and main or main and dessert, rather than all three
– Avoid bread / snacking before dinner – this will ruin the awesomeness of eating a delicious meal on an empty stomach anyway
– Drink water during and in between each course you have
– Eat slowly and enjoy catching up and chatting with friends, rather than wolfing down a meal to get on with the party
– Choose salads / healthful options if they are available
– Consider sharing a first or last course with a friend or partner
– Stop eating when you are full.
– Consider not drinking alcohol during the meal – just before and after, perhaps
– If your party is at a friends house, and more food is pushed on you, consider asking if you could take some home so you can enjoy it when you are hungry, what you do with it when you leave is your business.


Stand-up / Finger Food Parties
– Avoid ALL BROWN food. This fried and baked party food is NOT for nutrition, its a waste of money and calories
– Assess all the food on offer and carefully select what you are going to choose – don’t eat the first thing that comes past
– Don’t feel you have to try everything!
– Choose yummy things like raw vegetable crudités – and go easy on the dip, if at all
– Eat slowly here too. Tear pieces of bread and eat each bit one at a time
– Do you need to eat at this event? Can you eat a healthful meal beforehand and avoid food here altogether?
– Don’t hang out near the buffet – be the first one on the dance floor!
– If there isn’t a healthy or vegetable option, ask the waiters if there is an alternative


Travelling for Parties
– Prepare for your trip – will your mealtimes be normal? Will you be tempted to eat out whilst on the move? What options are available? Could you pack something?
– How many meals a day will you eat out and how can you fill them with green vegetables, where possible?


The key message – don’t eat because its there, eat because you’re hungry and you have a tasty option viagra in ungarn kaufen. Plan ahead, if you can and know what food options you will have / like. Consider the bad choices you might make on the spot and prepare yourself to make an alternative decision.

What are your tricks for not over indulging on every occasion over the holidays? Would love to get them in the comments field below to share with everyone!


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