Do you want to get rid of those wobbly bits? That stubborn soft tummy, those saddle bags, and the dangle-y bits under your arms?

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  • Learn to position your body to maximum fat burning effect
  • Learn to use weights to firm up your upper body and lower body faster than with cardio exercise
  • ​Learn how to work around any niggly issues with your back or neck
  • Get a full workout you can do yourself at home or in the gym  
  • ​I will show you how I have helped dozens of women firm and reshape their bodies

Here's What People Say About This Free Session!

N Dade, Female, 25

I was nervous starting out

I hadn't done any exercise in quite a long time but knew I needed to start getting back into it. My clothes felt awful and I wanted to wear all my nice stuff again.

I was very nervous starting again because I have a variety of issues with my knees, neck etc but after our first meeting realised I shouldn't have worried so much.

The session was great, Lauren took me through what I needed to know to do things correctly and why things I had done in the past - like cardio and running (which I hate) wouldn't work. 

The best think I got out of it was a mini workout I could do at home so I didn't even need o go to the gym everyday.