Lose Weight and Be More Toned

“I want to lose weight and tone up in specific areas.”

You have just joined the gym and want to know how to tone up and lose weight, or, you go to the gym regularly but are not yet seeing the results you hoped.  You’d like to lose a little bit of weight or tone up specific areas, especially to lift up your bum, get your thighs down, make the soft bit of tummy go away and stop your arms from wobbling. You are reasonably confident going to gym classes and following along and pretty comfortable using cardio equipment, but are not sure what to do with weights to make sure you are toning those areas.

Where you’re at

You are not sure how to get results on your own and not sure which exercises or equipment will be best to help you lose weight and tone up.

What you need help with right now

You’ve got the energy and commitment to go to the gym regularly. You need help learning what exercises and equipment does what, which exercises to do, how often. Basically you want someone to help you personalise a programme to your specific goal.

The programme that will suit you is the “Lose Weight and Get Toned 12-Session Masters Programme”

This program is for you if you are new to or just getting back into the gym. You want to have a professional understand your specific goals and have them help you achieve those goals by helping you:

  • know what exercise to do and how often to do it, in order to lose the extra weight
  • know what exercises to do to tone up the specific areas that you want to stop wobbling
  • know how to use equipment on your own so you can work out by yourself at the gym or at home
  • be accountable for completing your workouts and exercise every week
  • learn to love being fit and healthy again

You want a programme that guarantees you will achieve your goal, but gives you the information you need to help you  cement it in your own time.

Lose Weight and Get Toned:

This package is an 4 or 12 week programme, training in a gym, or in my home studio in Greenwich. To find out how you can lose weight and tone up, email info@beactivebestrong.com and ask about a free taster session where you will:

  • learn two ways to exercise to lose weight and build lean muscle
  • have your technique checked
  • get a feel for your trainers style of training to make sure its right for you

Email your enquiry now

Success stories:

I loved the variety, it made it really fun.

I hadn’t exercised in a really long while and I was looking for motivation to get back into it. I was a bit worried I would have to do things I wouldn’t enjoy in order to get fit , and basically that I would hate everything. Lauren was really patient with me and took the time to work through things that didn’t work for me. I really enjoyed the variety and am very grateful for the time she spent finding things that worked for me. The best thing I got from the 6 week programme is that I lost weight. It was amazing to have my clothes starting to feel good again.

Nickie, 26

From Greenwich

I loved the variety, it made it really fun.

I had awesome dad-bod and really needed a lifestyle change. My wife had started exercising and encouraged me to do the same. I never really stuck to anything too ‘healthy’ for me in the past, so I definitely had my doubts. The process of working with Lauren was really simple. Enough information to start implementing simple changes, but not too much I got buried in overload. The best thing I have got is learning techniques to do things correctly so now I feel good no matter what exercise I am doing – in the gym or football with the kids I know I am building a stronger back and core.

Joe, 43

From Deptford