Get Fitter, Have More Stamina, and Feel More Happy With Yourself

“I want to be fitter and have more stamina.”

You have just joined a gym or are returning to fitness. You know you need to exercise because you will feel good, for health reasons or because you want to lose weight, but you feel as though you have such a long way to go even before you build a base level of fitness. You might have already identified that you have a weak back or a weak core.  You want to start small, one step at a time.

Where you’re at

You’ve made the decision to exercise and don’t want to be overwhelmed or start with anything too advanced that might scare you and bump your confidence. You figure you will ask a few questions at the gym and just keep coming back, and take it from there.

What you need help with right now

Part of you thinks it will be easier to go it alone to start off with, but another part of you would like more than a few pointers – you want the results as soon as possible. You need a perspective that will help you build confidence and skills and the habit of exercising regularly.

The program that will suit you is Get Fitter, Build Stamina, Feel More Confident in the Gym in 8 Weeks

This programme is for you if you are new or returning to fitness, and you want something a not unlike a kick up the bum – albeit a little more friendly. You want to have a trainer understand your goals and have them play achieving those goals back to you in terms of:


  • How to use cardio equipment effectively
  • What classes to implement into a routine
  • How often to exercise
  • How to stay motivated
  • What lifestyle changes to starting thinking about in order to achieve a long term goal

You want just a few coaching sessions to keep you motivated, and to learn one specific routine that will help you build confidence and work towards achieving your goals

Get Fitter, Build Stamina, Feel More Confident in the Gym in Just 6 Weeks

This program is a 6 week programme, training just once a week in a gym, or in my home studio. To find our more about how to Get Fitter, Build Stamina, Feel More Confident in the Gym in Just 6 Weeks, fill in the contact form below.


To find out more about the ‘Get Fitter, Build Stamina, Feel More Confident in the Gym‘ programme fill in the contact form below.

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I lost weight already! Its great!

I wasn’t doing any fitness at all I really needed to get back into things but I have various issues with my neck and my back. Lauren has been great at building sessions that still challenge me but at the same time they make sure that I’m not injured in any way. Every session is different, I have learned so many great things I can use to work out at home or in the gym. For me the best thing has been feeling fitter and less tired and I’m losing weight already. I’m all ready for my holiday!

Nicke, 26