Get Strong, Learn Weight Training

“I want to be strong and lean, and I want to use free weights and resistance equipment with confidence.”

You are not new to fitness; but up until now you have focused on classes to implement a specific routine, and you are pretty confident with all the cardio equipment you find in the gym. You may have experimented a little with weights, the fixed machine equipment or even a barbell or dumbbell or two. You avoid the free weights area in the gym, as it’s normally crowded with people who have …. more experience than you.

Where you’re at

You are ready to get into weight training, you may have done a little research, and started asking some questions but it just seems like a lot of information out there to make sense of putting together an effective programme that works for your goals. You want some help to get on the right path, learn how to use the equipment, and gain the confidence to get out into ‘that’ area of the gym.

What you need help with right now

You’ve got the energy and commitment to already be going to the gym regularly. You need help learning the important parts of a weight-training programme, to know how to get strong but not big,  and help in developing a habit that gets it regularly into your routine.

The package that will suit you is Learn How to Programme your own Strength Training

This program is for you if you are new to strength training. You want to have a trainer understand your specific goals and have them play achieving those goals back to you in terms of:


  • what muscle groups are the most effective to train and what exercises train them
  • how different resistance equipment can help you achieve the same result
  • how often to train, how much to train each time
  • how to programme these into a routine

You want a jumpstart programme that gives you all the information you need and then allows to go away and cement it in your own time.

Get Stronger: Learn How to Programme your own Strength Training

This package is an 8 or 12 session programme, training in a gym, or in my home studio in Greenwich. To find out more about using weights to get strong and build on your fitness, and learn how to programme your own strength training, email and ask about a free taster session where you will:

  • learn two combinations with a barbell to help you strengthen your whole body
  • have your technique checked
  • get a feel for your trainers style of training to make sure its right for you

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