Do you want to lose weight and tone up? Do you already know that using weights and strength training will work faster than cardio but you just don't know where to start?

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  • Learn to position your body to maximum fat burning effect
  • Learn to use weights to firm up your upper body and lower body faster than with cardio exercise
  • ‚ÄčLearn how to use different equipment to achieve the same workout or goal
  • Get beginner workouts you can do yourself at home or in the gym

Here's What People Say About This Training!

P Walker, Female, 32

I found the videos showing correct technique the best thing

Previously I had only been doing cardio, and I thought that was the best way to lose weight. Everybody told me that running was the best way to lose weight.

I'd never really been confident doing stuff in the gym by myself, I tended to stick to classes because I felt like they would guide me.  But I wanted to have independence and I wanted to see where the programme would take me with that. I had reservations, I felt like I would be the idiot that didn't know what they were doing but the programme was really easy.

Every day I woke up with a new video with technique or exercise. I found the videos showing the correct technique the best thing - in classes there was never chance to practice. I know what to do know, how to do it, and even better -  I thought I would only be able to do it at the gym, but there is a lesson on how to use dumbbells which I have at home, to do the same thing. I recommend this to anyone who wants a bit more information and confidence to burn fat with weights.

I was very nervous starting again because I have a variety of issues with my knees, neck etc but after our first meeting realised I shouldn't have worried so much.

The session was great, Lauren took me through what I needed to know to do things correctly and why things I had done in the past - like cardio and running (which I hate) wouldn't work. 

The best think I got out of it was a mini workout I could do at home so I didn't even need o go to the gym everyday.