Specialised Fitness

Getting Started

Where you’re at: You want to get strong, but you don’t want to end up all big and muscle-head-like
You’re motivated to exercise – and you love the feeling you get when you finish a workout. You focus more on cardio at the moment because that is where your skills and confidence lies. You are ready to get into weight training, you may have done a little research, and started asking some questions but it just seems like a lot of information out there to make sense of putting together an effective programme that works for your goals. You want some help to get on the right path, learn how to use the equipment, and gain the confidence to get out into ‘that’ area of the gym.

The programme that is right for you is: Learn How to Programme You’re Own Strength Training – 8-Session Basic Package

Where you’re at: you want to lose weight and tone up your tummy, bum and arms
You have just joined the gym and want to know how to tone up and lose weight, or, you go to the gym regularly but are not yet seeing the results you hoped.  You’d like to lose a little bit of weight or tone up specific areas, especially to lift up your bum, get your thighs down, make the soft bit of tummy go away and stop your arms from wobbling. You are reasonably confident going to gym classes and following along and pretty comfortable using cardio equipment, but are not sure what to do with weights to make sure you are toning those areas.

The programme that is right for you is: Lose Weight and Get Toned 12-Session Masters Programme

Where you’re at: You know you need to get fitter, you have a few niggles you are worried about
You have just joined a gym or are returning to fitness. You know you need to exercise because you will feel good, for health reasons or because you want to lose weight, but you feel as though you have such a long way to go even before you build a base level of fitness. You might have already identified that you have a weak back or a weak core. You want to start small, one step at a time, but know you are heading in the right direction.

The programme that is right for you is: Get Fitter, Build Stamina, Feel More Confident in the Gym – 8 session basic package