Learn how to exercise while involving your baby!

Are you a little scared about starting exercise - worried you will not be able to do it or it might feel too hard because you (think you) are too out of shape?Do you have a baby in tow and need to be at a venue you can bring them?

Do you kind of want to make the leap and try something that will make a dramatic difference, QUICKLY?

- benefit from a qualified post natal instructor
- who has adapted an interval training format to suit your fitness level - LOADS OF LOW IMPACT AND PELVIC FLOOR BUILDING EXERCISES
- with low impact options and options that keep baby entertained and involved 

Here's what others have said:
Tiffany is a new mum and wants to feel fit again. She was worried it was going to be too hard – and boy there sure are moments when it DOES feel hard!! But after finishing just two classes, she already feels comfortable with the challenge.

From the instructor:
I am a new mum to 4 month old Adelina. I've just realised I need to just get on with it. There's no reason why this fun format can't be adapted for low impact and baby holding exercises. Best bit is sweating afterwards and knowing you've done it all while looking after bub.

Generally people start to see a difference in fitness after 3 x once weekly classes and a difference in fat loss after 3 x twice a week classes. 

Single class cost via the app is £9. Further discounts available with a 4-class package. Cash payment on the day is £12 but PLEASE NOTE if there are no app bookings then the class may not go ahead (we know you mums get busy - so commit to yourself and book! Baby will think you are playing with him the whole time 🙂
Bring a yoga mat or beach town for floor work, water, and rug for baby. 

We run TUESDAYS AND FRIDAYS 2pm in East Greenwich Pleasance - text 07805332991 for directions.

TO BOOK: Download the GYMCATCH APP or go to, scroll through the calendar and book the Tuesday or Friday Classes that you are interested in.